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North Powder Cafe
PhotoMonday - Sunday 6:00AM - 9:00PM
975 2nd St
North Powder, OR 97867


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North Powder Cafe

Moon Family - POSITIVE  
Excellent all the way around!. Showed up with 18 people...the waitress hustled and got us all served with separate checks for all. The food was fresh, much homemade and awesome. My BBQ burger was to die for. We let her know we would be returning the next morning at 7am. We returned and our tables were preset and all ready for us. The homemade wheat toast is a must. Loved my Sausage Scramble. If you are ever passing through North Powder, you must eat here. All the truckers do.

RPC - Rich's Portable Cabins, Inc.
Manufacturer of finely crafted tiny cabins and park model RVs
150 Bidwell Rd.
North Powder, OR 97867


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RPC - Rich's Portable Cabins, Inc.

Rich's Portable Cabins, Inc. began as a concept. Twelve years ago, Rich Daniels was self-employed as a timber cruiser contractor in the ailing timber industry. As he could see the inevitable "writing on the wall" as far as job security, he decided to venture into a career that was more "sustainable",but still stay in the timber industry.