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Eastern Oregon Leather Co.
Custom Leather
PhotoMon thru Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
PO Box 42
Imbler, OR 97841

541-663-4385  Fax: 541--663-4385
Contact: Shane

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Eastern Oregon Leather Co.

The guy taking the picture told me to smile and I guess I over did it!  My name is Shane.  Those who know me call me "Pounder" because I am always banging away on some sort of leather. 

Several years ago I was layed off from an unrewarding career in Information Technology and embarrassed a long-time hobby ..Leathercraft.  I started building leather wrist cuffs and bracelets and selling them on E-Bay while working various part-time jobs to make ends meet.  That was about seven years ago.

Now my passion is my business!  I work full-time in my leather shop.   I love working with leather as a medium.  I spend my day making hand-tooled high-quality unique leather products. 

From my shop and on the road in the summer months with my mobile business and my portable sewing machine I get to do repairs and custom designs giving me the opportunity build custom products for those who ride and those who just enjoy wearing leather.

I ship all over the world,  mostly in the US and I have customers with a wide variety of interests.  If you can explain it to me I can probably build it!