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Cove Garage
Full Service Automotive and ATV Repair
1103 Haefer Lane
Cove, OR 97824


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Cove Garage

We have; Computer Diagnostics, LED Lights, Parts and Accessories
Oregon Trail Realty
Real Estate in La Grande Oregon & Union County Area
Photo8:00am to 8:00pm
60919 Stackland Lane
Cove, OR 97824

Contact: Candy Bowman, Principal Broker

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Oregon Trail Realty

La Grande, Oregon, the Union County seat, is on the eastern side of the Blue Mountains within the Grande Ronde Valley. The most populated city in the county is home to a healthy economy, quality services and incredible recreation.

United Country Oregon Trail Realty invites you or anyone interested in buying or selling Eastern Oregon lifestyle property to contact our honest and professional agents. We are eager to help you realize your real estate dreams. Don't Make A Move Without Us!

Cove Tavern & Steak House
Best Rib Steak, Prime Rib and Homemade Burgers in Eastern Oregon
PhotoRestaurant: Tues-Sun 11am - 10pm Tavern: 11am - 12:30am
505 Main St
Cove, OR 97824

Contact: Mila Bell

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Cove Tavern & Steak House

This is supposedly the only steakhouse in Cove and the surrounding towns/cities for a good 20 something miles.Anyway, my family and I got a table as my sister excitedly had to inform us, "The steak here is soooo good and the burgers are so big you'll never finish it so we should all split with each other!" So I nodded her my, "Oh wow... Yeah?" and started to look over the one page one sided menu... "Hmm..." I thought, "These prices are pretty good and I'm hungry... Eh I can order more if it's not enough."

So my sister and I ordered a steak (that came with a salad and baked potato on the side) to split. My dad has a mean appetite so he ordered a burger for himself and my aunt had to get a burger for herself cause she couldn't split with my dad since he always eats all his food.

When the food came out all our jaws dropped cause the steak took up the entire dinner plate and the burgers were piled on so high that it was the size of a human head! My dad was so shocked that he asked for a to go box so he could split with my aunt. Then it was my turn. I sliced into my medium rare steak and the medium rareness of it was just right! The flavor was so perfect that the thought of steak sauce didn't even cross my mind until I was done! Wow! It was the best steak I EVER had!

Serious! I don't think I'll ever find steak that tastes so good!

Workable Design
Design without function is folly
P.O. Box 101
Cove, OR 97824

Contact: Ralph Edwards, owner/designer

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Workable Design

Workable Design is a full service residential design company. We provide drafting of plans for permits, permit service and construction consultation. Consistently working to offer the latest in Green Building practice, we strive to design and assist with a project for your needs not our ego.

Our goal is to provide an exciting and fun design process to get your project off on the right foot. Making improvements to your existing home or starting a brand new one can seem daunting, and like all adventures, unexpected or over-looked aspects can feed the fear of the unknown.

Having worked through this process many times, Ralph brings to the table decades of experience and a steady perspective to get your project from a great idea to a final project that fits your budget and your needs.

A Specialty For You - Embroidery Shop
69544 Antles Lane
Cove, OR 97824


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KWKrafts - Custom Woodburning
Let me think about this for a bit
P.O. Box 152
Cove, OR 97824


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KWKrafts - Custom Woodburning

Bird Houses & Boxes by Design

See me on Etsy - KWKraftswoodburning

Cove Drive In
PhotoWe are now open 7 days a week 11-9
702 Main Street
Cove, OR 97824


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